Super Natural Woman

Excerpt from Katherine's Diary

Nov 6, 2002 Tues Eve

Even pumpkins sometimes depart this post Halloween Planet before their time. And this one went in sticky Peace...

After our last (2 other bright, orange bro's before him...) and all too recent mushy meltdown (literally! Never get 'lit' too close to a hotwater heater!)

I am duly and delightfully reminded how it's not always so easy to hide one's raging remains (you didn't see the dining room table!) After all, Life and Leftovers are to be (pardon the passing pumpkin pun) savoured!

After a decent burial and delicate manouver of a perfect placement in the recycling bin, we bid many blessing to our no longer so luscious - yet overly soft hearted beloved. Then we oh, so wisely decided to do just what 'Juicy' would have wanted - Have Fun!

A visit to the local cinema for an action-packed triple feature (Spy Kids 2, Signs and Minority Report) later, we cleaned up a few beets (no bad blood in this family!), celery, carrots, and reved up kitchen machinery. It was then that we proceeded to get JUICED!

An all too brief artistic encounter before Kaelin's bed time (Post-mortem crayon on paper release work - ie - "Extra Terrestrial Warning - 'Nightmares Not Allowed.'") One more pretty pumpkin and another delicious day laid to loving rest.

Dream sweetly.

We Are!

Delectably, K2