Super Natural Woman

Words : Food For Thought

Nov 7, 2002

Katherine eating Life truly is an art form unto itself. An unfolding event of the grandest proportions, where we are the creators of our own masterpiece.

May it be the stroke of an artist's brush on clean white canvas, or the raw splendour of wholesome food prepared with love and eaten in nature. We are the pioneering Picasso's of our pleasing paintbrush and refined palates.

Paintings It is with our hearts that we prepare our home. The place within where we choose to dwell will speak a million wonders that no words will ever tell. From our place upon perfection's perch, we align ourselves with all that is divine.

When we say "Yes!", to the rapture that is found in this moment, we bite into a beauty before unfound - magnificent and merciful. Losing all (non) sense of time, we become artisans of a newfound art form. A braver world in which we are our own leaders.

Katherine and son eating From the solid rock from which we are made, or at which we sit, we are of the same energies. Infinite and Absolute. The soul's sustenance is that not of substance - yet of substantial sustainability. So serenely and everlastingly sweet.

Sharing in our optimism and our positive outlook, we feed the hungry of this world. Filling our hearts as does a wellspring replenish itself with the purest of waters. Our everyday thinking truly acts as a conduit - consciously creating and coexisting among the Herculean forces of nature and the nurturing of glorious humanity.

Harmony is the only conceivable outcome when we place ourselves in a peaceful situation. A tranquil setting where we unearth our own buried treasure of the rarest and most sacred sort. The smiles upon our faces, the heaping of love upon our full plates reveal our earthy pleasure.

Katherine eating As a carver carefully burrows deep into precious stone, letting go, to reveal only what really matters - so do we! The chiselling of a fine face to reveal lines of character from many years fully lived. Vital ingredients of the highest measure in this recipe for a new reality.

It is in creation we must place out trust. There are no borders or boundaries from where Mother Nature sits in splendour. Blessing all those who pass, and fully honouring the few who have finally chosen to find their way home.

Katherine and friend To smile as we zigzag along, raising our cups and our voices, as we sing our glorious song. Passing on our wisdom as we continue to listen to our intuition. Regaling the benefits as we dig our fingers deep into one more satisfying helping of happiness.

We alone, carrying the key to every answer before unheard. Together, we speak in a million tongues, to tell a story spirit does fully engage. As one, we unify, soul satiated saints of a latter day age.

Truth be our brother and our sister still. A family who found their way because of a will. A community becoming a global village, warming. A heart beat unto it's own and sacred self.

Many warriors battling for a new beginning, in a war that must be fought. This be merely fuel and food for future thought.

I am.   - K. Marion

Photos taken at 'Cowabunga Beach' - English Bay, Vancouver, B.C.

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