Super Natural Woman

Words : No Rent, A Rapist, and Another Load of 'Dirty Laundry'!

Wed Sept 3, 2003

"Just a friendly reminder..." of a note discreetly pushed through my mail slot, reminding me to pay this month's overdue rent. The least of my grave (enough to send one to) concerns...

One more machine stamped and sealed manila envelope was deftly delivered by a cheery mailwoman today. At least someone's the appointed humming and barelegged bearer of 'not so favoured' news sent from one more sector of an often bumbling B.C. Government. Some people get paid to work for a beaurocracy that bungles up at almost every move. Good thing 'they' didn't deliver my baby!

Katherine and Kaelin The one and only rapist I know intimately (not by free will) is now ingeniously requesting unsupervised day pass' into the community. Remember, he does have his rights! This 'model prisoner' is hoping to surely prove with his usual psychopathic prowess that he is capable of functioning in the outside world. After over 3 decades (I'll take some of that credit, thanks) spent 'behind bars' at this time) he shall now hope to win the approval of the parole board panel while demanding (in his typical passive/aggressive manner) full parole. Yikes!

What's the matter? Doesn't this predator (to be very possibly soon, at large...) like the taste of the filet mignon served in his minimum security holding pen? Mmmm... maybe he's already sniff'n out some fresh meat... After all, another kill can score some pretty good attention for awhile. And what an exciting sensation to temporarily soothe the addictive mind of a sick soul tortured from an early age. Let's take pity on him, shall we? After all, hasn't he 'paid the price' for a few mistakes along life's bumpy way? Hah!

There will be an official hearing held by the National Parole Board on the 18th of this sun spilled month. My oh My! Not much time to buy a satin gown with matching unbreakable glass slippers. Yet, I'll try my utmost (someone has to...) to attend this sorie of The New Millennia!

I've done this one (pardon the prison term - to be sure - pun) before. I'll be writing another lengthy Victim Impact Statement (Let's dredge it all up, shall we?) My concerns shall be well Voiced. My son's recent drawing of 'the Monster being Killed' will be sent along as our evidence that this methodical and plotting madman must be kept under judicious lock and key, for at least his lonesome loss of a lifetime. If not for the sanity of one single Mom and the far reaching vivid imagination of an innocent child who can only try to wipe the tears that continue to flow from his Beloved Mommy's eyes. The painful watching, filled with childhoods fears of multitude of misunderstood tears. Millions of tiny diamonds that leave one heart shaped face, only to fall forgotten to the dirty ground. Where they struggle smashed and brilliantly neglected. Lying forgotten as so many of the Dreams that were stolen away from Her so wounded and woefully long ago...

Katherine and Kaelin I've designated that my cheering section shall consist of Conscious Women from WAVAW (Women Against Violence Against Women), Rape Relief, B.W.S.S. (Battered Women Services Society) and all else I can miraculously muster up on short notice. After all, I did specifically ask to be notified as to any changes in the D.O.'s (what a cute little name for a Deadly Repeat Offender) status. I have been seeing this 'thing' (not just him) through since the tender age of 19.

Now, I get to relive the horror once again. Oh, Goody! And it Keeps getting better each traumatic time. If only you might check out the tons of transcripts (not the 'kind' of support a gal needs) under my pee stained (Kaelin, of course) mattress. What Princess would willingly choose to find the Priceless pea (the childrens fairy tale - remember?) in this ever-engaging bundle of paperwork that causes my nerves to unexpectedly fray at a moments notice. My hurting Heart threatens to split open at the atrocities that are allowed to continue to endlessly occur in this 'Civilized' World.

I'm getting itchy, again (it's not from mosquitoes). Time to travel to Safer Harbour where I may artfully stretch it out. First, just one more load of 'dirty laundry' (again, not even mine) to unload...

Wish me Well and Remember to Speak Your Voice.
I am.

P.S. He was on parole when he first met me. That other young 12 year old girl can no longer speak her Truth. Save the Seals? Save the Whales? Let us Remember the Innocent Children...!

- Katherine A. Marion

These photographs of Katherine and Kaelin were taken on May 31, 2003 4:15pm (1/250s @ f/4.5, flash) with a Canon PowerShot S50 by Peter Jones.

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