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Words : Letter to GlobalTV

Thu Sept 11, 2003

To: Lyndsey Landreza of GlobalTV

Dear Lyndsey

I am the single mother of a 7 year young Homeschooler who has been the 'victim' of a heinous crime. When I was 19 I was raped at knifepoint by a D.O. who was out on parole after 'successfully' completing 12 years of a life sentence (her age at the time!) for the rape and murder by strangulation of an innocent child.

Robert Hewdlar (aka Bob Kneiss) is now a 'model prisoner' requesting permission for day pass' into the community. At any time I could be given 24-48 hours notice that he is in our friendly West End Community!

I am sharing my story (since I can't sleep anyway) on my website I can not afford complacency by allowing one more psychopath to freely roam the streets while innocent victims (such as I...) sit afraid for their life in a virtual prison of the systems making.

You have the power of the press and the strength and valuable inner resources of a woman who innately knows and understands the truth I am speaking. Please assist me on my quest to make this society a safer and saner one!

With Hope and Happiness, Katherine A. Marion

P.S. Please enjoy my son's enclosed recent artwork. As well, as a few documents relevant to your story. There's more...

P.P.S. I am available for a full interview and to submit more information at any time. Thank you for your assistance and support.

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