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Words : Letter to CityTV

Thu Sept 11, 2003

To: Carrie Stephanson of CityTV


I have been a 'victim' of rape at knifepoint. The repeat offender and model prisoner is up for full parole on September 18, 2003. He is now requesting unsupervised 24-48 hour day pass' into the unprotected public sector. This scheming psychopath is an absolute danger to an unsuspecting and virtually innocent general public.

We spoke this afternoon about my concerns pertaining to the potential release of child rapist/murderer, Robert Hewdlar (aka Bob Kneiss). I am the survivor (he was on parole for 'her' death when he raped me at knifepoint) attending the National Parole Board Hearing this September 18, 2003, with BWSS and a few other concerned and compassionate community members.

I am emailing you a few relevant and most recent documents concerning this 'timely' case. As well, I hope you enjoy my 7 year old Homeschooler - Kaelin's artwork.

Life is a Work in Progress. Our Life is Poetry in Motion. Beyond Surviving is Thriving!

With Hope and Happiness, Katherine A. Marion

P.S. Please call me for more information and any interviews you may wish to conduct. My pleasure to help save Lives!

P.P.S. Be sure and fill out the 'Request to Observe a Hearing' form and fax to 1-604-760-2468.

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