Super Natural Woman

Words : The Child

Thur Sep 18, 2003 (2:00am)

The Child
It is the Child who bears the weight that no one sees.
Nobody slows down, to stop, and think about how everything and
everyone deeply affects him, and his before Safe and Protected Life.

The Child who suddenly begins wetting the bed,
5 times in the first week after hearing about
the Rapist possibly getting out of prison.

The Child who creates multiple pieces of telling artwork
surrounding his fears about the 'Monster', while still
retaining the Joy of an Alert and Brilliant Mind.

The Child who continues to Laugh and Play
while no one plays around him.

The Child who tosses and turns in bed, after his bath,
because his Mother is no longer laying beside him
to Lovingly stroke his mane of wetted hair.

The Child who finds it impossible to sleep the night
before the "Bad Guy's" parole board hearing.

The Child who Knows his Mother is still up
instead of asleep in bed beside her anxiously awaiting Son.

The Child who Knows without having to be told,
all The Truths so many will not reveal to him.

The Child who lays awake while Bravely doing Yoga Breath,
(As his Mother suggested) while a fearful world
that may never fully wake, sleeps peacefully.

The Child who Feels the Pain of everything
already done and all else left unsaid.

The Child who calls out to his hurting Mum
'I love you more than anything in the Universe',
as he tosses and turns in His lonely bed.

The Child who only needs another Hug and even more Reassurance
that all is well in this Sacred Place he calls Home.

The Child who Wishes only to execute the Dragon
of his Mother's Despair in his darkest Dreams.

It is the Pure Heart of a Child who fully understands
what True Love really means.

- Katherine A. Marion

This photograph of Kaelin was taken by Katherine Marion of

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