Super Natural Woman

Words : Judge Not

Thurs Sept 18, 2003 (5:20am)

Judge Not
  I am no one's Judge. My Reason goes Beyond "Right or Wrong". Ultimately I'm The One that has to Live with my Self and Their Decision. Justice is not mine to make. The Law in my own hands is not mine to Take.

The distinct possibility is that he'd most probably be better off Dead! Meanwhile I'd be Alive and Hating every moment of my wretched life, and the smallest shred of My Sacred Self that may still exist.

No! Let the violator of that which No Longer Remains Precious keep his Busy Mind occupied with all that is obvious, other than the Unspoken Sins against his Sisters Forever Silenced.

Let him soak in the Deadly Poisons of his own Devastating Denial.

Let him carry his Heavy Head to his unmade Bed, with eyes closed and Forgotten Heart that may Never Heal.

Let him build up his body in a prison of his own making, as his sickened soul further disintegrates beyond any Conscious Recognition.

Let him wander the Worn Hallways, between cell bars that bend with one more Mothers Maddening Pain.

Let him Rob his Mortally wounded Brother who has also been stripped of his childhood with Innocence Forever Lost.

Let him 'practice' all the Guidelines that a 'Model Prisoner' should, to get what he Thinks he Wants.

Let him Pay The Price for Punishing others a Tormented Lifetime for his own Unfelt Suffering.

Let him Remember the World of Agony he so Blindly Created, did not go unseen or in Vain.

Let him fully Realize the extent of the irreparable Damage so Wilfully Done.

Let him Know that if anyone is to ever Be Set Free, he is surely not that Blessed One!

- Katherine A. Marion


This photograph of Katherine was taken at Prisoner's Chapel of the Ferndale Minimum Security Prison on September 18, 2003 3:30pm (1/60s @ f/3.2, flash) with a Canon PowerShot S50 by Peter Jones.


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