Super Natural Woman

Words : Pretty Petals and Prayers

Thurs, Nov 14, 2002

Katherine and friend The lilies over my bed look up towards me.
Gentle sleeping beauties open up to talk of Truth.
I am told "everything is temporary.
Life is constant renewal.
From birth to death - there is no real difference.
All a new beginning."

Flowers remind me of you, dearest Mum.
Full of light.
Forever sending out Love.
Tender to the touch.
Yet, strong to the sweetest stem.

A face as warm as sunshine.
Solid roots that wrap like loving arms around me.
Choosing no longer to hold on.
Instead, to live forever.

The first and favoured flower in my Garden of Love.
You are the sun that shines upon me from above.
Yours is the love I will never let go.
I am the beloved daughter you shall always know.

Pretty Petals and Prayers,

Your first-born and free of spirit -

P.S. If you should decide to dwell upon this plane a wee bit longer, mine is the heart that carries the courage to make you stronger.

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