Super Natural Woman

Words : Leaving the Land of the Unconscious

Jan 3, 2002

Awake at the wheel of life - subtitle: soul

The body is a physical manifestation of the soul. Mine has been experiencing a bit too much (any amount is considered excess!) suffering. No longer can I afford to feed the hungry. It is my turn...

As my spirits went on a brief decline I gradually became more and more rundown (six weeks P.G. spent + spilloff...) Yesterday, I started a rejuvinating regime of sea salt throat gargle and regular doses of ginger and cayene infusion. Trouble in the 5th chakra? Listen... time to heal myself...

Every experience comes our winning way for a valid and life affirming reason. If only to recognize we are not our circumstances! Regaining personal strength and recovering our power all the quicker. Again, placing our precious selves into a healthier place.

The lessons that once took me years to learn are today digested in a much shorter period. No longer do I choose to wait for someone else's 'thumbs up!' I have become the 'controlling' (it can be a 'positive' word) and conscious force behind my now favoured fate.

I'll be allowing my system to rest for a too long mortally wounded while. Hearing the truth my body speaks. Giving myself what I need. No longer am I simply willing to give others what they want, if that means I go without.

It is only when we truly nurture and sustain our blessed self that we are able to offer our (undefinite 'undying') support. I choose to herein honour myself and the infinite wonders my own magical world has to offer marvelous and mentionable me!

Notice to previous doubters
"On 'Holiday' for a while,
Please leave a loving message. Remember to take care of yourself, I am!"

Holding my own,
Devoutly and divinely,

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