Super Natural Woman

Words : Mother to Me

Mon May 19, 2003

Katherine's Mother, Katherine and baby Kaelin Your's be'est the gentlest soul and the most loving heart mine art truly blessed to have arrived within this heaven sent life. With Loving help does extole - thine selfless soul.

I dost gladly look upon a vision of mine own wondrous newborn and I may only marvel as mine own heart opens. Free - as fully as the rarest flower ever be.

Fragile and tender part of true found me that I doest hold so gingerly. Within my arms For thoust covet and to comfort. Warm is the deepest I've been in your divining of grace. Angels above to softly to trace.

Tears that spilleth from my shining face. As I fondly embrace this moment, sacred. A treasured Keepsake of a time shared. New to be fully measure.

Precious gem. Priceless beyond eaty measure. A mother's Joy to forever treasure.

Katherine A. Marion

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