Super Natural Woman

Words : Yoga in the City

The Uprising of Katherine and Her Kundalini - Wed Aug 20, 2003

Yoga in the City

Supernatural Buy!
Yoga is what Serenely settles and Gently brings back all previously lent parts of myself to Blessed Me. My 3rd Eye and I may Now Eternally See...

This torrent of an endless whirlwind that whips my tousled mane Be the Glorious Same full blown Energy that magnetically surges through Most Magical Me. All Divinities Knowing, Flowing and Free.

An outer World I once thought I knew so well, gradually fading to Transform Fully into Consciousness. Lifting ancient veils to Authentically reveal One Real and Sacred Self.

Embracing the Only Truth as my Kundalini so Kindly rises. Simply... Seductively... Lotus position Divinely Unfolding into an Eternity of Life Saving Breath Sent Surprises!

P.S. I've come uncoiled...

- Katherine A. Marion

This photograph of Katherine was taken in the West End, on June 6, 2003 8:15 pm (1/250s @ f/3.5, flash) with a Canon PowerShot S50 by Peter Jones.

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