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Breast Feeding for All Ages!

From: Rich Brady
Sent: Sunday, January, 2004

Are you breastfeedin' your son still, or was that just somethin' you wrote? I'm not at all sayin' it's a bad thing...I've always wanted to be breastfed. Never was. I'm 25, with Cerebral Palsy, and other disabilities, that have put me in a wheelchair. Maybe not bein' breastfed is why? love your site! :) tried to send a message w/ your lil thing on the page, but it didn't go through. Hope to here back from ya.

Rich Brady

P.S. I also like breastfeedin' pics...


January 4, 2004

Dear Rich,

Mothers milk is Rich in all that is needed and necessary to thrive in this seemingly all consuming busy world we live within.

The properties of breast milk are womanifold and restorative and healing to the umpteenth degree.You are a wise soul to appreciate the life enhancement derived by consuming pure and simple preciousness from one's own species.

I prefer your first question to go unanswered due to the delicacy of my relationship with my beloved son and the misconstruence to possibly be arrived at by a sad and sordid many who sorely were not blessed with this gift from the Goddess'.

Far too many of the maligned masses whom have went without the myriad of magical benefits allotted through breastfeeding.The immune system is greatly weakened when one is not allowed to Instinctively suckle from the Mother. Love and Energy is of the uppermost importance in the Sacred bond between child and parent.

It is unfortunate that so many have not trusted their Instincts enough to pass this Legacy of unsurpassed Love unto their Blessed own.

With Love and Lusciousness,


May I ask why you like breastfeeding pics? I am very interested to hear your reply. I have had articles written and beautiful photos taken of this Miracle in the marvelous making. A Joy to Behold as is to be held

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